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Delayed Egress and Controlled Egress Locking Systems

11/19/2020 - 11/19/2020    Webinar

Today's Featured Consultant - 11/29/2020


Demerle Lewis

Sentinel Consulting LLC

Demerle has over 10 years of security and facilities related experience. Demerle is a self-starter who places a high importance on customer service and pays close attention to detail. As a security manager for a government agency, Demerle was responsible for Security Operations and Electronic Security Systems deployment and management. Demerle has experience in the development of security policies and procedures, safety programs, and security awareness training. In January of 2014, Demerle was named one of our industry’s Security Professional '20 under 40' award given by Security Director News. Demerle's experience includes fire and life safety management as well as completion of professional courses including fire safety director training.

Phone: +1 888 793-9380

Product of the Day - 11/29/2020

MAXPRO Series Logo

Honeywell Commercial Security

The MAXPRO Series is a complete and flexible portfolio of IP video management software and NVR hardware with solutions that are scalable for small to large applications. The MAXPRO platform is fully open, incorporating PSIA and ONVIF standards, native integration for third-party cameras and encoders, and RTSP to ensure compatibility with most IP cameras on the market. MAXPRO is not a single product, but rather a platform on which everything is built. The single interface is the same regardless if you choose a 4 channel software-only option, or if you require thousands of channels via a hardware option. Learn One, Know Them All.
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The security consultant is a vital link between a building or facility’s requirement for security and the successful installation of a system to meet that requirement. From risk assessment to security audit to system design to the details of implementation and practice, it is the security consultant who identifies, then turns requirement into reality. SecuritySpecifiers allows a variety of constituencies – OEM's, integrators, facility owners and operators, end-users, and architectural firms – to access an up-to-date listing of companies and individuals skilled in the design and specification of physical security systems.

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