Manufacturer Certifications

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As products and their supporting technologies have become more complex, many manufacturers have chosen to create programs designed to facilitate and certify an individuals knowledge of products and applications. Such certifications are beneficial to specifiers, integrators, installers, and end-users, in addition to the manufacturer's own personnel.Security consultants and system designers are confronted with a wide array of certification options in both the physical and the IT worlds. The certifications listed on this page are those recommended by the listed manufacturers for security designers and specifiers.

LenelS2 Certification - Lenel Products

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The Lenel Certification Program was one of the first of its kind in the industry and has pioneered numerous tools and tactics, including tiered technical support, investment protection and distance-learning continuing education requirements. After extensive research and input from VARs and other industry professionals, Lenel has developed an efficient, streamlined approach that reduces required on-site/classroom training and lowers the expense of basic certification.

Certifications - Lenel Products

LenelS2 Certification - S2 Products

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Online training to systems integrator technicians, end users and consultants. S2 systems integrators and end users covered by S2 Black Support are eligible for S2 Certification. Other end users and consultants may view training content that interests them but are not eligible for certification.

Certifications - S2 Products

Pelco Global Training Institute

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The Pelco Global Training Institute is dedicated to security professionals who want to keep up with ever-changing technology, learn about new products and systems, and stay current with industry best practices. PGTI instructors combine deep experience in video security and surveillance with strong IT/IP backgrounds to deliver best-in-class training on Pelco products and IP video systems. With courses designed by industry-leading instructors, engineers and certified networking specialists, the combination of classroom training and online courses deliver unparalleled education for today's video security professionals.

Pelco Training (requires login)

Allegion Training

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Includes on-line training, training event schedule, and training videos. AIA-certified courses available.

Allegion Training Page

Automatic Systems Training

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The American Institute of Architects (AIA) has just approved the nomination of Automatic Systems as an approved educational provider for its Continuing Education System program. The initial course, 'Security vs. Safety in Access Control Equipment', is an introduction to controlling pedestrian and vehicle access using security equipment and user protection principles.

Automatic Systems Training Page

Digital Watchdog Certifications

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DW University is a place for you to learn more about DW products and technologies. To stay current on the latest industry developments, DW Certification Program offers the knowledge you need to ensuring your status as a DW Certified Professional as well as your investment in professional development.

Digital Watchdog University

Milestone Learning and Performance

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Courses are available online, in the form of individual, self-paced eLearning modules, as YouTube tutorials, or in traditional classroom settings led by an expert instructor and delivered in-person at locations throughout the world. Online certification assessments can be used to identify knowledge gaps and when passed successfully, confirm expertise with Milestone products.

Milestone Certification Programs

Panasonic Certifications

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Panasonic has developed a series of public and private courses for integrators (authorized resellers) and end users looking for in-depth information on the functionality of our VMS products as well as opportunity for growth. Becoming a certified Video Insight integrator is dependent upon successful completion of required training classes.

Panasonic Training and Certifications

Salient Systems Certification

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Salient resellers, dealers, system integrators, consultants, partners, technical installers and system engineers can get instant access to online, interactive, self-paced CompleteView training courses for certification through our Salient University eLearning. Certification is valid for 1 year.

Salient Systems Certification

Software House Certification

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The Software House Dealer Certification Program is one of the industry's most rigorous technical certification programs, designed to ensure that only the most highly trained security integrators install and support Software House solutions. These elite certifications (Enterprise Partner, Advanced Integrator, and Certified Integrator) are awarded to integrators who successfully complete our intensive training and evaluation program.

Software House Dealer Certification

Vanderbilt Industries Certification

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Enroll in hands-on in-person SMS technical training classes or online course for Integrator re-certification.

Vanderbilt Training and Certification

Verint Learning & Certification

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Verint's training and certification programs feature classroom, virtual, online, custom and mobile courses to help you develop the skills needed to maximize the robust functionality of the Verint portfolio and realize an excellent return on your investment.

Verint Learning & Certification

Axis Network Video Certification

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Axis Certification Program gives you more than just expert-level knowledge of Axis products. It gives you wide-reaching, deep-going knowledge of network video topics that turns Axis Certified Professionals and the businesses they work for into sought-after experts. The scope of Axis Certification Program goes far beyond Axis products. A majority of the questions are about network video, networking, system design, and installation.

Axis Certification Program Details

Inovonics Training

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TapWatch Certified Installer training is available only to qualified read, bill, collect (RBC) companies and professional submetering subcontractors. Our trainers conduct a series of hands-on courses, after which the attendees must pass examinations to qualify as certified installers. Attendees walk away with an expert knowledge of TapWatch products, as well as installation and troubleshooting techniques.

Inovonics Training

Nedap Certification

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Each product line requires a different skill set and market approach to successfully design and deploy solutions based on that product line. Product lines are long-range identification, wireless vehicle detection, and smart city access.

Nedap Certification Program

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

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CCNA now includes security and automation and programmability. The program has one certification that covers a broad range of fundamentals for IT careers.

Cisco CCNA Information

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