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Disk & Bandwidth Calculator

Disk & Bandwidth Calculator Image
On-line Disk & Bandwidth Calculator for exacqVision. Variables for cameras, resolutions, recording rates, compression type (MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264). Generates system configurations. Print and Save functions.

exacqVision Calculator

JPEG Storage Calculator

JPEG Storage Calculator Image
Estimate disk space and bandwidth usage for a Milestone XProtect installation.

JPEG Storage Calculator

Storage and Bandwidth Calculator

Storage and Bandwidth Calculator Image
Includes H.264 and H.265 compression and multiple resolution settings.

Panasonic Storage and Bandwidth Calculator

Network Camera System Design Tool

Network Camera System Design Tool Image
AXIS Design Tool helps you estimate bandwidth and storage needs for your surveillance project. For each camera in your project, you can pick a scenario, and select viewing, recording and compression options to get bandwidth and storage estimates that match your surveillance situation.

Link to System Design Tool

Video Camera Lens Calculator

Video Camera Lens Calculator Image
Video Lens Calculator allows simulation of monitor view or floor area view, based on imager size, lens focal length, camera height, foreground distance, and background distance. Links to other available calulators for Honeywell products.

Link to Lens Calculator

VMS Design Tool Wizard

VMS Design Tool Wizard Image
The Salient Design Tool Wizard allows you to determine key design elements of your video security project. The design tool wizard will estimate the server hardware required to support your system design and will produce a printable report, either for a single server installation or for a multi server/multi site project.

Salient Design Tool Wizard

Power, Battery, and Voltage Drop Calculators

Power, Battery, and Voltage Drop Calculators Image
LifeSafety Power offers a series of useful calculators to allow proper analysis of low voltage requirements, as follows:
- Ohms Law Calculator
- Battery Size Calculator
- Battery Capacity Calculator
- Wire Size Calculator
- Voltage Drop Calculator
- FlexCalculator Suite

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Wiring Duct Size Selector

Wiring Duct Size Selector Image
Determine the correct wiring duct for an application, based on the number and size
of cables to be routed.

Link to Duct Size Selector

Fiber Routing Systems Fill Calculator

Fiber Routing Systems Fill Calculator Image
Determine the optimal size cable management system to route fiber cable in your application.

Link to Fiber Calculator

Wireless Design Resources

Wireless Design Resources Image
Suite of wireless radio design tools, including:
- System Operating Margin (SOM) - Calculates the system operating margin which is the difference between the signal a radio is actually receiving versus what is needed for good data recovery.
- Free Space Loss - Calculates the free space loss which is the transmission loss between two antennas.
- milliWatts vs. dBm - Converts milliWatts to dBm and dBm to Watts.
- Downtilt Coverage Radius - Provides the downtilt coverage radius by taking half of the beamwidth in each direction of the downtilt angle from the height of the antenna.
- Antenna Downtilt - Calculates the distance or tilt angle by providing the base height, remote height and either title angle or distance.
- Fresnel Clearance Zone - Calculates the radius of the fresnel zone at its widest point as well as 20% blockage by providing the distance and frequency.
- Latitude/Longitude Bearing - By providing latitude and longitude of a base and remote site it will provide the degrees from each site and distance in miles.

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