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The Security Industry Association (SIA) and SecuritySpecifiers have announced their working relationship to co-promote their organizations' goals and activities. Don Erickson, CEO of SIA, said 'SIA endorses the efforts of SecuritySpecifiers in promoting awareness and understanding of products and technologies of the security industry manufacturer community and in enhancing the visibility of security consultants and designers within the industry.' SIA is represented on the SecuritySpecifiers Advisory Board, which provides strategic direction and guidance to the organization. SIA is the leading trade group for businesses in the electronic and physical security market. SIA protects and advances its members' interests by advocating pro-industry policies and legislation on Capitol Hill and throughout the 50 states; producing cutting-edge global market research; creating open industry standards that enable integration; advancing industry professionalism through education and training; opening global market opportunities; and providing sole sponsorship of the ISC Expos, the world's largest security trade shows and conferences.

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Accessible through the menu in the left column, our customized sponsor pages form a 'mini web-site' that arranges content in a standard format and links back to the manufacturer’s main site. Why is this significant? Mainly, the content displayed is that which manufacturers deem to be of primary importance to system designers. By arranging this content in a standard, yet customizable format, information may be found more quickly and easily across multiple manufacturer sites.

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