Windy City Wire

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Windy City Wire

Year Established: 1994


Windy City Wire - Bolingbrook IL
386 Internationale Drive
Suite H
Bolingbrook, IL 60440
United States
Phone: +1 800 379-1191
Fax: 630-633-4836

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Company Overview

Windy City Wire has been leading the way in low-voltage wire innovations since 1994. Our SmartWire products are proudly Made in the USA at our Bolingbrook, IL headquarters. As a vertically integrated organization with exceptional stocking position nationwide we can quickly meet the needs of our customers. Windy City Wire is also capable of manufacturing custom cable runs to suit any requirements needed on a project with minimal turn around times and complete quality control at every step of the process. As a company, we are dedicated to developing solutions that generate significant results for our customers. We provide comprehensive cable management solutions that save integrators time from concept to completion.

Product Areas

SmartWire Cable Management

SmartWire Cable Management  Logo

Windy City Wire has developed not just a new carton, not just a wire cart but, a patented cable management system that is unparalleled in the industry. This system provides tangible solutions and added value at nearly every stage of the cable installation process ... from concept to completion.
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