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Year Established: 1905


Allegion - Americas Regional Headquarters
11819 North Pennsylvania Street
Carmel, IN 46032
United States
Phone: +1 877 671-7011

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Security Specifier Support Resource Security Consultants
Beth Anderson - Marketing Manager, Commercial Electronics
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Security Specifier Support Resource Specifiers & Integrators
Marcus Batten -
National Security Consultant
Phone: +1 303-717-9125
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Security Specifier Support Resource Architects
Natalie Mathes -
Marketing Manager, Architects
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Security Specifier Support Resource Codes & Resources
Lori Greene -
Manager, Codes & Resources
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Lori is an Architectural Hardware Consultant and Fire Door Assembly Inspector, and she highly knowledgeable on codes and compliance.

Security Specifier Support Resource Technical Support or Sales
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Security Specifier Support Resource Specification Writer
Natalie Mathes - Channel Marketing Manager
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Company Overview

Allegion helps keep people safe where they live, work and visit. With more than 25 brands sold globally we specialize in security around the doorway and beyond: everything from residential and commercial locks, door closers and exit devices, steel doors and frames, to access control and workforce productivity solutions. Access to the proper tools and resources, as well as expert consultants, can streamline the specification process.

Allegion offers specification writing services, AIA-approved training, code consulting and other services, as well as our proprietary Overtur cloud-based collaboration site, to help architects specify the right door hardware solution for every type of project.

Allegion's portfolio includes strategic brands LCN, Schlage and Von Duprin; and other brands including Dexter by Schlage, Falcon, Glynn-Johnson, ISONAS, Ives, Kryptonite, Locknetics, Steelcraft, and Zero.

Product Areas

Touchless Solutions by Allegion

Touchless Solutions by Allegion  Logo

Allegion’s priority is to keep people safe where they live, work and thrive. A comprehensive portfolio of solutions is available to create touchless openings in multifamily properties, healthcare facilities, commercial offices, K-12 schools and higher education campuses. Learn more about these solutions below
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Electronic Locks

Electronic Locks  Logo

Take security to the next level with electronic access solutions. They let you manage your openings with user tracking, door monitoring, lockdown and other capabilities that can be applied campus-wide or to just one door. You gain a better level of intelligence and control for the who, where and when of access for security that's more immediate and easier to manage. A wide range of credential reader options allows efficient, simplified control for granting and revoking user rights. Flexible and upgradable locks also provide savings and convenience. As credential technologies immerge, upgrade without replacing the locking mechanism. You can even move from standalone to networked over time and as budgets permit. With Schlage, you gain forward thinking technologies for security today and tomorrow and the expertise to help you make the right choices.
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Readers  Logo

Allegion's comprehensive reader lineup offers a streamlined portfolio of wall-mount devices designed to meet the access control needs of any facility or business. Our readers communicate with most security systems and products and read a variety of card formats, including magnetic stripe, proximity, smart and NFC, offering a complete solution today and an effortless migration path to future technologies. The simplified line of multi-technology readers offers five models suitable for almost any installation. The smart reader and proximity reader provide ideal options for installations that require one specific technology solution.
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Credentials   Logo

With the latest in contactless smart card and traditional proximity card technologies, Allegion offers a credential solution for every budget and business need. Schlage 13.56 MHz smart cards with MIFARE Classic and MIFARE DESFire EV1 technologies utilize encrypted data, providing an extra layer of security. Schlage smart credentials also support a variety of applications beyond access control, such as transit, cashless vending and cafeteria point-of-sale.
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Mechanical Locks

Mechanical Locks  Logo

Allegion's offering of mechanical locks through the Schlage and Falcon brands includes cylindrical, mortise, tubular/interconnect, deadbolt, and specialty locks. As one of the most dependable brands in the industry, Schlage mechanical locks offer a range of features, functions, and styles no matter how demanding the application. Additionally, Falcon is committed to delivering durability, convenience, and unmatched value for a wide range of projects and applications.
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Door Controls

Door Controls  Logo

Allegion's offering of door control includes Surface Mounted, Overhead Concealed, High Security, Fire & Life Safety and Automatic Operators. Today practically every door in modern commercial, industrial and institutional buildings is operated by a person passing through and closed by a mechanical door closer which keeps the door closed and under control at all times. The control of your door can be achieved with the appropriate LCN and Falcon brands.
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Exits Devices

Exits Devices  Logo

Von Duprin and Falcon Brands
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Electric Strikes

Electric Strikes   Logo

Electrifying an entry for better access control, credential management and key elimination can be accomplished a number of ways. Electric strikes, when used in conjunction with a card reader and connected to an integrated access control panel or a standalone controller, let you gain all the advantages of credential managed entry for a higher level of building security. Alternatively, you can control an electric strike directly using an entry buzzer as a simple means of traffic control. Since electric strikes install on the door frame they can be used with many door and lock types in both retrofit and new construction markets.
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Power Supplies

Power Supplies  Logo

Allegion's PS900 Series features three Schlage power supplies to support most electronic access control devices and one Von Duprin power supply that is specially designed for high in-rush current used with many electrified exit devices. This comprehensive line of UL 294 certified power supplies can be outfitted with a variety of option boards to support functional capabilities, including basic fuse protection, simple relay, and advanced logic such as complex sequencing and timing functions. All PS900 Series power supplies offer a constant output rating at 12/24 VDC, universal 120 VAC to 240 VAC input, and polarized option board connectors.
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System Accessories

System Accessories  Logo

Allegion's varied portfolio of system accessories permits the customization of any opening to meet specific security and safety concerns. Schlage system accessories include a variety of devices that easily integrate with most existing security systems to enable specific functionality whether in standalone applications or as part of networked access control systems. Allegion's broad accessories offering includes pushbuttons, key switches, request to exit devices, monitoring stations & consoles, exit sensors, electric horns and more; all of which help to reduce the complexity of securing a facility.
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Doors and Frames

Doors and Frames  Logo

Steelcraft is devoted exclusively to the manufacture, service and continuous improvement of steel doors, frames and frame components.
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