LifeSafety Power, LLC (ASSA ABLOY)

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LifeSafety Power, LLC (ASSA ABLOY)

Year Established: 2009


LifeSafety Power - HQ
10027 S 51st Street
Ste 102
Phoenix, AZ 85044
United States
Phone: +1 888 577-2898 x1

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Security Specifier Support Resource Engineering
Kevin Ture - Engineering Manager
Phone: +1 (888) 577-2898
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Security Specifier Support Resource Applications
Michael Bone - Applications Manager
Phone: 888-577-2898 x203
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Security Specifier Support Resource Sales East
Matt Virga - Eastern Region Sales Director
Phone: (559)696-7597
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Security Specifier Support Resource Sales West
Keith Kober - Western Region Sales Director
Phone: (415) 238-5353
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Company Overview

LifeSafety Power is an award-winning power supply company bringing intelligence to facility openings and access control specifications through software analytics that assess the security infrastructure's power status in real time. We power many of the world's Fortune 500 companies - not with a static hardware device - but with networked power management that lets end-users monitor power for security systems proactively - spotting and reporting problems before they occur to maximize system uptime. LSP's intelligent power supplies and integrated enclosures yield a 77% increase in efficiency, lower total cost of ownership and gather data on the health and viability of power, battery backup and critical access control devices.

Our MultiSite Manager Enterprise software provides a central access point for all managed power supplies plus provides advanced analytics. Our ProWire Unified Power systems - 12V and 24V DC dual voltage access power systems, precision wired for AMAG, Software House and Mercury controllers enable the specification and installation of standardized access power equipment for uniform operation, maintenance and servicing across an enterprise.

LifeSafety Power has won multiple industry and customer awards for product design, innovation and service.

Product Areas

MSM Enterprise

MSM Enterprise  Logo

MSM Enterprise is a software-based package that lets users gain real-time insights into critical information and data related to their networked power solutions, allowing proactive performance assessment through managed power services. MSM Enterprise lets system integrators and end users assess, manage, and monitor even the most complex campuses with multiple sites, from the internet and anywhere in the world.
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Network Managed Power Systems

Network Managed Power Systems  Logo

NetLink allows network monitoring and control of the power system localy or over the internet. Scheduled battery testing, output power cycling, email and SNMP alerts of trouble conditions, 1000 point data buffer, and enhanced cybersecurity are just some of the features which give the user unprecedented visibility and control of the power system while allowing many services to be performed remotely, eliminating the need to roll a service truck.
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ProWire Prewired Integrated Access Power Systems

ProWire Prewired Integrated Access Power Systems  Logo

ProWire is a simple to deploy, pre-engineered solution that integrates power and access control systems. Pre-wired, 100 percent factory tested and UL/CUL certified, ProWire eliminates wiring and connection complexities, saving man hours with reduced labor and field time. ProWire includes pre-installed wire harnesses for panel power, lock control, faults, communication buss and tamper switch. The installation platform lets users standardize their power and access control solutions, for consistent, repeatable results across campuses, enterprises and multiple locations to optimize service and maintenance. Systems are available in various wall mounted enclosures and in Gemini rackmount configuration.
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Unified Power Integrated Power and Access Systems

Unified Power Integrated Power and Access Systems  Logo

Unified Power systems combine system and lock power with a backplate which is predrilled for access panels to streamline access installations by reducing labor and wall space. Backplates are available for all major access panel manufacturers. The included power system is flexible and modular, allowing single and dual voltage options with a variety of output types from continuous fused outputs through fully network managed relay controlled outputs. Systems are available in various wall mounted enclosures and in Gemini rackmount configurations.
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High Reliability Redundant Power Systems

High Reliability Redundant Power Systems  Logo

Helix Armour meets the specialized power needs of high-security environments such as SCIFs, data room servers, gaming, financial or pharmaceutical applications – providing seamless failover protection and automatic backup of AC or DC circuitry. Helix Armour monitors separate AC circuits, reporting trouble immediately and instantly transferring power to backup for uninterrupted operations. Redundant and mirrored power supplies also monitor and report DC integrity, transferring to secondary sources without dropouts or voltage spikes in the event of a power failure. Predictive network reporting and management collects and optimizes system data to maintain the highest levels of performance and reliability.
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Rack Mounted Power Systems

Rack Mounted Power Systems  Logo

Rack mounted power systems, available in single or dual voltage, from 75 to 400 Watts. Various output options are available from single bulk outputs, up to 16 network managed, relay controlled outputs. Mounts in a standard 19" rack and requires 2U of space. Matching rack mounted battery enclosure holds up to four 9AH batteries and may be configured for any combination of 1 to four separate battery sets. Gemini
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