Magnasphere Corporation

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Magnasphere Corporation

Year Established: 2002

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Magnasphere - Waukesha WI
N22 W22931 Nancys Ct.
Suite 3
Waukesha, WI 53186
United States
Phone: +1 262 347-0711
Fax: +1 262 347-0710

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Company Overview

The MAGNASPHERE High Security Switch was invented and designed to address the undetected breaches of security that could occur when using the easily exploitable and fragile reed switch. The reed switch was originally invented for the tele-communications industry and later adopted for use as a cost effective, yet sub-optimal, security contact. MAGNASPHERE’s award-winning, patented technology is virtually unbeatable and unbreakable; ensuring homes, businesses, and high security facilities remain secured. [br]

Product Areas

Security Contacts

Security Contacts  Logo

INVENTED AND DESIGNED to address the undetected breaches of security that could occur when using easily exploitable and fragile reed switch contacts. MAGNASPHERE’S award-winning and patented technology is virtually unbeatable and unbreakable.

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Motion Detector

Motion Detector  Logo

Thanks to its proprietary system design, based on the time proven FMCW radar technique, the MSK-101 goes far beyond what conventional motion detectors can do, and delivers unmatched performance at detecting intruders while minimizing false positives due to small animals or varying environmental conditions.
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Fence Climb Detection

Magnasphere Anti Climb System (MACS) is a MEMS based system that detects the magnetic resonance chance in rigid, semi-rigid or chain link fences.
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