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Year Established: 1983


Altronix - HQ
140 58th Street
Bldg. A - 2N
Brooklyn, NY 11220
United States
Phone: +1 718 567-8181
Fax: +1 718 567-9056

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Security Specifier Support Resource Technical Support
Paul Rizzuto -
Phone: +1 718 567-8181

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Company Overview

A global leader in power and data transmission solutions for professional Security, Surveillance, Access Control and Fire applications, Altronix designs and manufactures innovative solutions that integrate disparate infrastructure and maximize overall performance and efficiency. Our comprehensive line of power products and peripherals, feature the quality, reliability and unparalleled customer support that have been associated with Altronix for 40 years - backed by a lifetime warranty. In addition to producing a wide range of products, Altronix offers OEM design and manufacturing services to create custom electronics for commercial and industrial applications.

Product Areas

Tango1B - PoE Driven Power Supply with LiFePO4 backup

Tango1B - PoE Driven Power Supply with LiFePO4 backup  Logo

This game-changing power solution significantly reduces the overall costs to deploy access control and security devices by eliminating the need for a licensed electrician. 12VDC or 24VDC devices can be powered simultaneously via 802.3bt PoE input, providing tremendous savings!
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Trove - Rack Mount and Wall Mount Access and Power Integration Solutions

Trove - Rack Mount and Wall Mount Access and Power Integration Solutions  Logo

Our Trove access and power integration solutions let you easily combine Altronix power and accessories with access controllers available from the industry's leading manufacturers. A variety of backplanes/enclosures offer a wide range of scalable access and power configurations. This solution simplifies board layout and wire management, while reducing installation and labor costs. Available in wall, rack and outdoor. Customize your access control with Trove. Trove supports over 40 access control brands, including these leading manufacturers: AMAG, BOSCH, CDVI, DMP, HID/Vertx, HARTMANN, HONEYWELL, JOHNSON CONTROLS, KANTECH, KEYSCAN, KERI SYSTEMS, KEYSCAN, MERCURY/LENEL-S2, PAXTON, PRODATAKEY, S2 SECURITY, SALTO, SIELOX, SOFTWARE HOUSE, ZK-TECO and more to come!
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NetWay Spectrum - Fiber Solutions

NetWay Spectrum - Fiber Solutions  Logo

Altronix new NetWay Spectrum series takes fiber and power to a new level. Indoor and outdoor models include hardened Ethernet PoE switches and multi-port media converters with or without integral power. Units can be deployed with conventional single or multi-mode fiber...or composite cable which combines fiber with copper to simultaneously deliver power and data. Go further with NetWay Spectrum from Altronix.
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eFlow - Advanced Power Supply/Chargers

eFlow - Advanced Power Supply/Chargers  Logo

eFlow Power Supply/Chargers with our optional LINQ technology lets you monitor and control power while reporting system diagnostics from anywhere via Email notifications. eFlow charges batteries 30-50% faster and offers an extensive complement of features including fire alarm interface. Integrate with eFlow to assure greater system functionality.
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NetWay - PoE Solutions

NetWay - PoE Solutions  Logo

NetWay PoE Solutions automatically provide the precise power PoE cameras and edge devices need. They are PoE and PoE+ compliant, and units also support Hi-PoE (60W). They are the high quality and reliable solutions that deliver a better way to manage your most demanding IP system applications.
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Pace - Long Range Ethernet over single pair or structured cable

Pace - Long Range Ethernet over single pair or structured cable  Logo

Pace Long Range Ethernet Solutions let you deploy IP devices up to 500m over Ethernet or 1000m over a single pair. Pace supports PoE and PoE+ with data rates up to 100Mbps full duplex. Extend your IP devices over greater distances with Pace.
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eBridge - Ethernet over Coax Solutions

eBridge - Ethernet over Coax Solutions  Logo

eBridge Ethernet over Coax Solutions let you repurpose your analog infrastructure to upgrade and expand security or surveillance. Offering a wide range of options for myriad applications – even outdoors. Efficiently transform your coax infrastructure to IP with eBridge.
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Maximal Access Power Controllers

Maximal Access Power Controllers  Logo

Maximal Access Power Controllers provide seamless power for readers and accessories plus independent control of door hardware devices. They're available in a wide range of configurations in both 12 VDC and/or 24 VDC power options. And they're easily customizable with field-installable UL listed power and/or access power controller sub-assemblies.
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StrikeIt Panic Device Power Controllers

StrikeIt Panic Device Power Controllers  Logo

StrikeIt is a comprehensive power solution for installations where single or multiple DORMA, DOR-O-MATICÂ, VON DUPRINÂ and similar panic hardware locking devices are required. It provides timed door release, automatic door activation, battery charging, fire alarm interface and much more. StrikeIt is the Altronix comprehensive solution for powering multiple panic hardware applications.
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