Boon Edam Inc.

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Boon Edam Inc.

Year Established: 1873


Boon Edam Inc.
402 McKinney Parkway
Lillington, NC 27546
United States
Phone: +1 910-914-3800
Fax: +1 910-814-3899

Other Location(s)

Technology & Training Center - CA
2161 O'Toole Ave #50
San Jose, CA 95131
United States
Phone: 805-428-9566
Technology & Training Center - NYC
1140 Broadway
Suite 506
New York City, NY 10001
United States
Phone: 646-851-5011

Support Resources

Security Specifier Support Resource Design Support
Chris Grabowski - Director of Sales Support
Phone: 910-814-3800

Security Specifier Support Resource Technical Services
Sam Nussman - Director of Technical Services
Phone: 910-814-3800
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Company Overview

Boon Edam is a global manufacturer of entrance solutions, including safe and energy efficient revolving doors, high security doors & portals; tripod, full height & optical turnstiles; and access gates. Our 140 years of success can be attributed to quality design & providing unsurpassed service, support and training to our customers & resellers.

We are focused on providing an optimal, sustainable experience for our clients and their clients. By working together with you, our client, we help determine the exact requirements for the entry point in and around your building.

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Product Areas

Optical Turnstiles

Optical Turnstiles  Logo

Ideal for supervised lobbies and transitions from public to secure areas within a building, Boon Edam's wide range of optical turnstiles combine sleek and contemporary styling with the most precise optical detection technology available. Our optical turnstiles use sophisticated sensors to ensure the passage of only one authorized user per authorization. Choose from waist high, barrier and barrier-free models to full-height turnstiles with glass partitions. Boon Edam has the right solution for any security situation. All models are compatible with your choice of electronic or biometric authorization solution.
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Security Revolving Doors

Security Revolving Doors  Logo

Security revolving doors are the ideal anti-tailgating solution if you're seeking the best of both worlds; a high level of security and an excellent throughput for moderate traffic flow. Security doors can be found in areas where a high level of security has to be balanced with ease and speed of operation. This unmanned solution allows you to reallocate existing security staff, creating a 1-year ROI. You will often find our security revolving doors in government buildings, banks, airports and corporate offices.
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Security Portals

Security Portals  Logo

Boon Edam's security portals are ideal for highly sensitive, secondary or remote entrances with lower throughput requirements. Security portals use two interlocking doors to allow for authorized traffic only, one person at a time. Often the portal is combined with two access control systems, one on the exterior (card access) and a biometric system in the interior.
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Full Height Turnstiles

Full Height Turnstiles  Logo

Boon Edam offers a variety of full height turnstile models, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in unsupervised areas. In 2005 Boon Edam acquired Tomsed Corporation, the largest turnstile manufacturer in the USA. We continue to build the same durable Tomsed models today, which can be found in transit stations, amusement and leisure parks, playgrounds, universities and stadiums.
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Tripod Turnstiles

Tripod Turnstiles  Logo

For applications where crowd control is the security goal, tripod turnstiles have proven to be the ideal solution, as they effectively direct users through specific, guarded entry points. Entertainment venues, transit stations, and public buildings, among many types of applications, choose tripod turnstiles for their ability to withstand a large volume of users in abusive conditions.
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