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Fitzgerald Technology Group

Year Established: 1992


Fitzgerald - Washington DC
1050 Connecticut Ave. N.W.
10th Floor
Washington, DC 20036
United States
Phone: +1 800 830-1103
Fax: +1 407 578-0053

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Company Overview

Fitzgerald Technology Group is an internationally recognized Security Consulting Firm providing the full spectrum of risk management and mitigation Services. Attesting to our staff's superior credentials is their leadership roles in the development of standards and guidelines for jurisdictional authorities around the globe. We utilize leading edge technologies and advanced tactics to mitigate damage and protect assets. We are committed to providing the most cost effective, practical and reliable solutions with the highest probabilities of effectiveness and performance to minimize risk and maximize safety and security. While physical and electronic countermeasures are critically important, most tactical responders will agree that training and procedures must be carefully blended into the operational plans, to provide the best in-depth defense against a wide range of ever evolving threats. Our comprehensive approach provides a full spectrum assessment of risk and our countermeasures designs provide effective solutions to the threats.


Program Management

Program Management  Logo

Our program management spans development of the formal documentation and required planning to define the critical processes of control, monitoring and implementation.
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Threat & Vulnerability Assessments

Threat & Vulnerability Assessments  Logo

Our Staff has conducted hundreds of Threat and Vulnerability Assessments around the world; from historic national landmarks and critical infrastructure to national icons. Fitzgerald Technology Group utilizes a hybrid Threat and Vulnerability methodology that covers the complete spectrum of threat scenarios, coupling the probability of event with the capital and recurring countermeasures cost; we then provide analysis of the complete or partial mitigation.
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Architectural & Engineering Support

Architectural & Engineering Support  Logo

Beginning at the design stage, FTG is continually task with maintaining the highest possible quality of life by balancing free and open creative spaces with the required degree of protection and level of care required to reduce premise liability and maximize safety. As we encourage open and aesthetically pleasing designs in lieu of fortress or bunker methodologies, we provide the expert subject matter expertise to architects and engineers and serve as an integral part of their teams. We work collaboratively to seamlessly integrate the appropriate countermeasures into their concepts without distracting from the special environments they are creating.
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Counter Measures Design

Counter Measures Design  Logo

Our extensive experience in Anti-Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism lets us cover all aspects of Physical and Electronic Security Design. Our expertise covers blast and ballistic protection, weapon/explosives detection and mitigation, personnel screenings, access control and denial, video analytics and Command Center Operations.
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Policies & Procedures Development

Policies & Procedures Development  Logo

Through development of comprehensive standard and emergency/crisis operating procedures, Fitzgerald Technology Group can provide ready reference operations manuals and databases that ensure responses to events are conducted with identical precision each and every time. Through a full spectrum of scenario development and controlled exercises we provide our clients with the ability to respond to a wide variety of threats and events with the proper equipment and tactics required for mission success.
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Command - Control - Communications

Command - Control - Communications  Logo

Mitigation of disruptive and destructive events requires instantaneous fusion of incoming information and timely command decisions. Through our ability to model and exercise the full range of probable events that may occur, we can analyze strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) to operational and mission survivability.
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Training Programs

Training Programs  Logo

Our training programs range from initial classroom curriculum development through advanced software testing that not only determines correct responses but evaluates response times. Our staff members are senior instructors at acclaimed universities, federal agencies and internationally recognized security authorities. We develop comprehensive curriculums to provide advanced training in real life scenarios that effectively analyze responder timing, effectiveness and accuracy under the most demanding situations.
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Crisis Management & Incident Response

Crisis Management & Incident Response  Logo

Fitzgerald Technology Group has the ability to respond globally and has the assets on station usually within hours. With state of the art resources and superior contingency planning, we can provide unprecedented response to the full spectrum of emergency events for individuals, corporations, governments and non-governmental organizations.
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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing  Logo

Through years of conducting penetration exercises we have developed leading edge methodologies that let us conduct real time testing and measure responder effectiveness to the complete range of attack scenarios. Our experience clearly identifies success rates at defeating technology, personnel and operational plans. We utilize specific programs that minimize risk while creating real time measurable reactions to events and verify actual responses.
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Transportation & Close Protection

Transportation & Close Protection  Logo

Our tranportation capabilities range from individuals requiring a protective detail to complete entity emergency mass evacuations. We are able to protect critical or irreplaceable assets, or heavy lift complete loads in excess of 146 tons in a single air transport. From executive movements requiring short and medium range equipment to sensitive article movements requiring specialized aircraft we can provide you with all the planning, equipment and protection required.
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